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A stunning Yotei view inside Central Kutchan Town with easy access to Siribeshi River for running, walking,  fishing, bicycling, and tennis. 


Unobstructed view of Yotei Annapuri and Weiss Mountain Views.

Run and bike on parallel riverside pathways. 

River Fishing.

Public Tennis Court.

Screen Shot 2023-04-05 at 5.28.47 AM.png


1.8km to Kutchan Station

6.8km to Hanazono

8.9km to Grand Hirafu

Screen Shot 2023-04-05 at 5.34.07 AM.png


Developer: You

Masterplanning & PM: Yes Hokkaido

11,133.99m2 (3,368,03 Tsubo)

Screen Shot 2023-04-05 at 5.44.46 AM.png
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